Social Media: Why it’s Important

15 Apr

So this past week as I was doing my usual routine of neglecting my homework and studying until the very last possible minute, I caved and created a Twitter account. Now, you’re probably wondering why I said “caved.” Well, I have always been very adamant about not making a twitter, because I thought it was a waste of time. Ironic, I know, because I just told you I’m a slacker by nature. Regardless of this fact though, I still believed that tweeting had no point, and just created another distraction for me…which clearly I do not need. However, after taking a semester of mass communications courses, I’ve begun to understand the very vital importance of social media. 

On the surface, sites like Facebook and Twitter are merely tools to allow us to communicate with our friends or cyber-stalk our favorite celebrities. But when you really start to investigate the inner-workings of these social media, you realize they’re actually great for self-promotion. 

Lauren Conrad recently did an interview with a Fox News intern, and she talked about how important social media is for any and all college students. “Twitter goes hand in hand with my blog.  I have a wonderfully dedicated following on Twitter and I want to make sure they see my blog posts.  By posting blog links to my Twitter, I can drive my Twitter followers to my site where I can provide my fans with richer and more engaging content.  There’s a natural synergy between the two,” she said.

By creating blogs that focus on issues regarding your future career aspirations, or by making a youtube channel that has mock video news packages you’ve put together, you can help jumpstart your own career. Everyone is tapped into the social media world in one way or another, so by having accounts on Facebook and Twitter, you can post links to your blog or youtube channel, thereby allowing others to witness your talents in their finest form. And with facebook recently adding a “share” button, it’s easy for others to spread the word about you, and everything you have to offer to the social media field. 

By now it should be clear to you that social media IS important. It is the easiest and CHEAPEST way for you to get your name and face out into the public forum. Linking into the social media world and then actively staying involved in it, gives you an edge over other people fighting for the jobs you want. With every new follow or share you receive online, you land one step closer to being seen by a future employer and grabbing their attention. And that, ladies and gents, can only lead to positive outcomes for YOU.

So, as Nike says, just do it! Become familiarized with how social media operates, and then dive into the online world and start promoting yourself. 


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